Toni Creamer, LMT


Sadly, Sanctuary Massage Therapy is no longer in business.

If you are a Groupon Voucher holder, kindly contact Groupon Customer Support by either calling them at 888-664-4482, or online at  Remember, you never lose the value of your Groupon!
Thank you for your interest in receiving massage.  There are many, many wonderful massage therapists in Gainesville.  To begin your search, you may wish to check out this website:  Advanced Massage offers new clients a special low price, and the therapists there are excellent.
Alternatively, you can try the Student Clinic at Florida School of Massage. Here is the website for both the Professional and Student clinics at FSM:
I am thrilled that you have expressed interest in receiving massage, which can be a giant step on the road to optimal health.  
As you travel this road, I hope you find meaning in the phrase: the beneficial effects of massage are cumulative.
Thank you again,
Mary Antonia Creamer, LMT